> Computer Data Protection & Filing systems for Self-Employed Business


   Business Data Protection :

 Do not wait for your Data to be stolen or lost. The SCOF-Concept systems come up with a unique, exclusive  and alternative Protection plan. Do not forget to download our procedure book with the purchase of your SCOF-Concept package.


   Folders and Files Sorting systems :

 The SCOF-Concept systems not only help you protect but also sort your Business data, folders and files.

 The SCOF-Concept systems allow you to monitor the way data are entered in your computer systems . You will have a total control and enjoy full consistency in a secure and centralized environment. Then, you will be able to save your data on a USB key or any other portable device and go for a business trip, or for some meetings, ... with all the information you need.


  The SCOF-Concept systems for single owners, self-employed business:

You will be offered different categories interfaces  for your viewing and working pleasure to choose from. Each of these systems works with a 7 module interface.

  • Legal
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer Services 
  • Production
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Purchasing

The SCOF-Concept systems have been specifically designed to managing your Business the best way possible. 

These tools are unique and exclusive to jms-Concept Solutions. The SCOF-Concept systems are available through an easy download process using the links below. Installing and managing those systems are even easier using the friendly user interfaces.


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Computer Data Protection & Filing   - SCOF Business Procedures

Computer Data Protection & Filing - SCOF Business Procedures

Please Download the SCOF Business Procedures book.    


Computer Data Protection & Filing  - SELF-EMPLOYED BUSINESS"

Computer Data Protection & Filing - SELF-EMPLOYED BUSINESS"

  ♦ PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR COMPUTERS ♦    Secure, manage, organize and group these data with our exclusive, unique and innovative Protection and Filing systems. Find here a special version for Self-Employed Business.     


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