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 JMS-Concept Solutions



Organize & Protect your Computer Personal Data

For Windows Operating systems

Secure your privacy, your Family and even your Business

How to do so2 Easy steps through our SCOF system

1. You need to ORGANIZE your Personal data. 

Stop looking for your files and folders.

Stop wasting your time in searching for data on your computer.

To be able to ORGANIZE your personal, family or business Data, Folders and Files, you need to use a complete sorting system already effective and ready: the SCOF system.

The SCOF system is already formatted and has all the categories required for a sorting, planned and safe system.

All you have to do is decide because you remain the one who decide how data is monitored in your computer simply because this system is now yours.

This will not interfere with your operating system and you remain in control of what is going on with your personal information. 



2. You need an effective PROTECTION procedure 

Do not wait for your Data to be stolen or lost.

The SCOF-Concept systems come up with a unique, exclusive and alternative Protection plan.

In order to PROTECT your personal, family or business Data, Folders and Files, you need to store them outside your computer in a safe environment like a SCOF system into a USB key or any portable device.

We all are tempted and taught to save our files on our computer Windows Operating System because it seems the best idea, it is not. This is WRONG because this is an open space for HACKERS. Here, we follow another principle: do not leave something that can be easily stolen.

The metaphore we use is the empty house concept. If there is nothing to be stolen, a burglar will not even try breaking in.

Download our procedure book and follow the instructions inserted with the purchase of your SCOF-Concept package. 



Once done, travel and take your Personal data in your suitcase 


You have just saved and gathered all your data (letters, literary essays, mails, .... scanned documents, ... photos, videos, music, ...contract deals, budget reports,   your children's drawings, ... this list is far from exhaustive) in a secure, safe and centralized SCOF-System.

You are now able to take your SCOF-System with you wherever you want, go from one place to another, all your personal data will travel with you in the same format you entered it.

You will retrieve all your files and folders the very same way you entered them. No loss with our pre-formated SCOF-Concept systems.




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