About Us


jms-Concept Solutions head-office is registred in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


 The SCOF-Concept Systems allow you to Protect, Sort, File all your Personal computer documents such as Letter, Certificates, E-mails, Mail, every scanned document, and every type of Music, Photos, Videos, Personal Contacts (family, friends …) and favorite Web Sites. This description is far from being a detailed one and shows a partial peek of the SCOF-Concept Tool possibilities.

The SCOF-Concept Systems come in many Versions:

            • A PERSONNAL version with Integrated Modules, 
            • A  FAMILY version with Integrated Modules, 
            • A CORPORATE version for Business Offices, Private Owners or Small Companies, 
            • A SELF-EMPLOYED BUSINESS version.

The Mastor-Concept tools allow you to budget your money and plan your activities.


  • These tools are temporary unavailable.


jms-Concept Solutions guaranties The SCOF-Concept Systems and the MASTOR-Concept tools are not Spy Softwares nor Advertising softwares; they do not show any advertisement and do not compile any customer personal data.


jms-Concept Solutions takes a great deal in manufacturing and delivering quality products.  We find a great interest in your ideas and suggestions in order to improve our products and have them fit our customer needs.


jms-Concept Solutions provides secure transactions with PayPal. Simple and safe.  

Prices are in Canadian Dollar currency and may be changed without any notice.